Essential Dentistry

Preventive Care

At CP Dental we believe in that old saying, “prevention is better than a cure”. We are committed towards preventative dental care and active maintenance of your oral health. We highly recommend regular preventative dental examinations, which are extremely important for not just dental health but also for general health and wellbeing. It is always better to catch a potential problem before it requires more extensive and complex treatment.

Many general health conditions can be related to poor oral health, such as heart disease and stroke, that is why taking care of your mouth is so important. Preventative oral health care also becomes even more important at various times throughout life such as during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Your dental practitioner and GP will be able to discuss this with you further.

Our role is to help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums and reduce the need for major dental procedures. Preventive dentistry includes examinations, removal of calculus (tartar), deep cleaning when required, fluoride treatments and fissure sealants all of which contribute to the health of maintenance of your smile.


Periodontics is concerned with the health of your gums and the jaw bones supporting your teeth. In many cases routine maintenance is sufficient at maintaining a healthy condition. In some situations the gum and jaw bone around your teeth can become diseased. This is often a chronic condition that is without symptoms but can result in teeth becoming loose and eventually needing to be removed.

The term ‘long in the tooth’, used as an affectionate way to describe those of advancing years, is related to the gum and bone shrinking away from the surface of the tooth exposing the root. There is significant evidence that shows a link between periodontal disease and other health problems such as cardiovascular disease.

The causes and factors influencing periodontal disease are many but include poor oral hygiene, smoking, and medical conditions such as diabetes.

The importance of maintaining your oral health takes on added significance with age and if you suffer with chronic medical conditions or acute medical conditions. It is important to discuss these conditions with your dental practitioner.

Restorative Dentistry – Fillings

Restorative dentistry, also known as fillings, is what many people associate with dentistry. Fillings are used when damage has occurred to the teeth through decay or breakage. Fillings are used to close spaces in or around the teeth to prevent further damage.

At CP Dental we draw on current restorative techniques using strong, white, composite resin materials resulting in beautiful aesthetics. Modern dentistry can provide outstanding results with these materials. Modern dentistry in extremely advanced and typically we are able to provide patients with beautiful results by restoring much more than we previously could.

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